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Accessibility Plan (May 2017)

Admissions Policy (May 2017)

Admissions Nursery Policy (May 2017)

Anti-Fraud Corruption Bribery Policy (TLAT) (November 2018)

Assessment Policy (May 2017)

Attendance Policy (TLAT) (February 2016)

Behaviour Policy (May 2017)

British Values (November 2015)

Capability Policy (TLAT) (November 2016)

Charging and Remissions Policy (TLAT) (July 2016)

Child Protection Policy (TLAT) (October 2017)Complaints Policy (TLAT) (February 2016)

Curriculum Policy (December 2014)

Data Protection Policy (TLAT) (June 2015)

E-Safety Policy (TLAT) (November 2016)

Equality Policy (TLAT) (November 2017)

Freedom of Information Policy (TLAT) (June 2015)

Fire Safety Management Policy(TLAT)(October 2017)

First Aid Policy (TLAT) (February 2016)

Grievance Policy (TLAT) (November 2015)

Health and Safety Policy (TLAT) (May 2017)

Investment Policy (TLAT) (February 2017)

Lettings Policy (TLAT) (November 2016)

Marking And Feedback Policy (May 2017)

Minibus Policy (TLAT) (April 2015)

Pay Policy (TLAT) (November 2017)

Performance Management Policy (TLAT) (November 2017)

Safer Recruitment Policy (TLAT) (February 2017)

SEN Information Report 2016-17

SEN Policy

Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Policy (February 2015)

Staff Absence Sickness and Cover Policy (TLAT) (June 2016)

Staff Code of Conduct (TLAT) (November 2017)

Staff Discipline Policy (TLAT) (November 2017)

Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs Policy (TLAT) (March 2017)

Teaching and Learning Policy (May 2017)

Trips & Visits Policy (TLAT) (January 2017)

Whistle Blowing Policy (TLAT) (November 2016)