Sports Premium


What is the Sports Premium?

“Prime Minister David Cameron has committed to keeping the £150m a year Primary PE and Sport Premium until 2020. The dedicated fund goes directly to primary school head teachers so that they can decide how best to use it to provide sporting activities for pupils. A typical primary school with 250 primary aged pupils this year received £9,250, the equivalent of around two days a week of a primary teacher or a coach's time – enough to make sure every pupil in the school can do sport with a specialist.”


Parlaunt Park receives £10,300  (based on £8,000 for school and £5 per pupil)


What is the purpose of the grant?

Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but have the freedom to choose how they do this. This includes several initiatives we already provide at Parlaunt Park, such as employing a specialist PE teacher to deliver PE lessons and making sure all our teachers have one to one time with him in order to develop PE provision within the school. We also already commit time and money each year to hosting sport competitions (football matches), buying resources for PE and sport and providing places for pupils in after school sports clubs and holiday clubs.


So how have we planned to spend our Sports Premium this year?

We joined the Slough School Sport Network (SSSN) as usual.  This provides support for Slough schools including professional development for teachers and supporting resources such as schemes of work and assessment tools; entry into all School Games and SSSN competitions and associated costs. For this we pay a total of £4550 annually and will use our remaining sports premium monies of £5750 to contribute towards the additional salary of our specialist sports coach, transport to sporting events and equipment to ensure that all of our students have access to a wide range of sports and resources to gain the most from PE.  This year we will also be implementing ‘Sports Ambassadors’ from years 2 and 5 that will help within the playground to increase participation within physical activity during break and lunchtimes. Within the school day we are able to provide an increasingly extensive range of sport competitions and the working relationship between teacher and the sports coach ensures our future success as well as enhanced participation levels and outcomes.


How will we measure the impact?

Mindful of the latest Ofsted guidance we will implement our ‘Create Development’ PE and personal development plan. This has an associated ‘Assessment Wheel’ and a linked Junior and Sports Leadership programme which (the latter we hope to use as a guide) we hope continues to have an impact on participation rates, self-esteem, attendance and attainment. For example, all children at Parlaunt Park contribute positively to PE lessons and very few forget their kit!

We pride ourselves on looking beyond the obvious and set our own achievement targets such as aiming to prevent childhood obesity.  For example, we have London Irish Rugby Club coming into the school to teach year groups about healthy eating and engaging in a healthy lifestyle. Our specialist sports coach also delivers healthy living lessons/clubs across all year groups. Also we will be monitoring physical activity levels within the playground and provide training and equipment to our sports ambassadors/lunch staff within the playground to ensure that students have a variety of ways to keep physically active during their breaks. We will continue to monitor the impact of PE delivery across the school, evidenced through lesson observation and analysis of relevant attainment and attendance data. We will also continue to broaden the range of sports children experience and improve inclusion for all in PE as well as further developing our growing range of enrichment through after school sport activities.


What we aim to achieve by the end of this year in PE and sport within the school?

This year we are aiming to create a Sports Council that will provide a leading legacy within the school so that pupils can have their say on sport within the school. This will not only include what sports they would like to see be taught in the curriculum and within clubs but also allow them possibilities to run their own sports competitions within school. We would also like to develop more club links with clubs within the local area to provide the children with an output to take their sports to a higher level and increase their physical activity outside of school.  Finally we are developing a electronic resource for teachers within the school which will hold all lessons plans and visual guidance on all lessons taught within PE for their year group.